Monday, 16 July 2007

What a crap week

Last week has to top the polls as one of the worst weeks ever. I have to say that I actually do love my job, so this is why I am mightly pissed off that they are shuting my store!!
I am a travel agent and our office is based in a Sainburys ( supermarket ) . The bastards (Sainsburys) have decided to do a refit of the store and apparently they see no future in having concessions there.
Where does that leave us?? I'm glad you asked! Up the the stream without a paddle!!!
Actually my company are going to relocate us to other stores, but this means me and all my collegues are split up. We are a bloody good team. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway just as I was coming to terms with this situation, I find out my 90 year old nan has taken a turn for the worse. She is not at death doors but things are not looking rosy.

I really cant deal with crying this week. Lets just wait and see what happens.